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Showing we care about climate protection

In terms of environmental sustainability, climate protection and other ecological footprints, aluminium is a lightweight material with an excellent record. ALUMERO's aluminium products perform well in two key categories in particular, RESOURCE SAVING and ENGERGY EFFICIENCY!
The ALUMERO Group stands by its obligation to protect the climate, thinks and acts sustainably, and uses recycled secondary aluminium for PV framework technology and renewable energies. These internal processes within the ALUMERO Group show we are honouring our responsibilities towards the environment, climate and health, while also reducing our CO² footprint.
The resource efficiency of products becomes very obvious considered in terms of their entire life cycle, from the process of extraction to the production of a semi-finished good, on to the manufacture of end-products, their subsequent utilisation and ultimate reuse or recycling to commence a new life cycle. This cycle is not over after one or two product lives, and can be carried on indefinitely - theoretically and practically speaking. Around three quarters of the aluminium produced around the world is still in use and has been recycled several times.

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