The new home for your bins

The first impression counts: Unsightly bins impair the overall appearance of a property. The convenient modern ALUMERO bin box system lets the bins disappear and provides for tidiness and cleanliness. The integrated gas pressure springs make it easier to open and to close the cover. The covers of the bins open concurrently so that you can get rid of your waste easily and conveniently. The boxes are made from a weather-proof powder-coated aluminium sheet and the hinges are made out of premium stainless steel.


  • Timeless, modern design
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy
  • Integrated gas pressure springs facilitate the opening of the cover
  • Doors with locking
  • Apt for 2 x 120 liter bins
  • Dimensions: 1070 x 1180 x 685 mm


Concurrent automatic opening of the bin cover


Easy and quick assembly


Long service life and maintenance-freedom

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