Superstructures for utility vehicles

Tail Lifts

The tail lifts manufactured by ALUMERO are exclusively made of extruded aluminium profiles of high strength (choice of adequate alloy and thermal treatments). All loading platfoms can be constructed such as to prevent the cart on top from sliding off the platform. We supply individual profiles at the customer's request.


- Width up to 2600 mm
- Height from 800 mm to 2560 mm
- Carrying capacity up to 750 kg with 30 mm profile height
- Carrying capacity up to 1500 kg with profiles of a height up to 40 mm
- Carrying capacity above 1500 kg with profiles up to 40 mm hight, thicker profile wall and a strengthened console



Flat back side of the platform, perfectly suited for any type of advertising


Robust and light

High firmness due to rugged welding seams and aluminium alloy profiles



Ultimate protection by surface treatment

Hydraulic clamps for HGV trailers

ALUMERO delivers completely pre-assembled modules for commercial vehicle build-ons, such as sides, tailgates and hydraulic clamps for vehicles transporting glass and concrete elements. If required, we can assemble systems using parts made in our own plants, and using third-party components procured from a manufacturer of your choice.


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