Elements for building enclosures

Elements for building enclosures


Modern aluminium facades are in vogue. The structural design of a facade as well as the choice of colours for it are the calling card of a building. It is a representative. It communicates the image and the spirit of the owner to the observer. ALUMERO recognized this trend at an early stage and in the course of time it has developed into a specialist in facade engineering.

Quality you can count on

Aluminium is of an extremely low weight. Its high thermal insulation value contributes significantly to a reduction of the energy costs and besides that ensures a comfortable indoor climate.

Element Facades
Mullion and Transom Facades
Sheet Metal and Composite Panel Facades


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Powder coating

RAL colour selection

Element Facades

Many projects are executed under serious time pressure. This is why time plays an ever increasing role. The element facades by ALUMERO allow very fast turnaround times of the project by professional planning and a rational production process. The timely delivery and the quick mounting help you to save valuable time and plenty of money. There are virtually no limits for creative diversity. The client's design expectations are met by using a wide variety of systems.

Mullion and Transom Facades

The facade AT 500 is thermally insulated ideally suited not only for vertical facades but also for sloping facades (roofs and facades tilted outwards). The facade consists of vertical support profiles, of horizontal profiles, fastening profiles for the glazing, i.e. fillings and lid profiles of different depths and design.

AT 500 F
AT 500 F
AT 500 F-SI

Sheet Metal and Composite Panel Facades

Our system Tec.One + is a genuine aluminium facade, extremely strong and non-flammable. Its welded and polished edges guarantee highest stiffness and an excellent optics. Tec.One + is available in all colour shades and leaves no architectural desires open because of its different geometries realizable. Its refined proven technology ensures a quick completion at low cost.

Window and Door Elements

Aluminium window and door elements offer many advantages. Aluminium is about three times lighter than steel and is particularly resistant to weathering and it retains its shape. Practically unlimited creativity thanks to the choice of hundreds of colour shades and the simple processability provide architectural ideas as the basis for new buildings and stylish modernisation of old buildings.

Durable dealings
Very easy to use
Durable for generations
Perfect noise protection
Offer security against break-ins and fire damage

Windows and Sliding Doors

A sophisticated technology for the hightest living comfort. Our systems are most economical for single and double leaf elements as well as for balcony doors. The life-cycle costs are lower than with other construction materials.

Window AT 740 SI

Thanks to its insulation system the window AT 740 SI achieves outstanding heat insulation characteristics. Diverse types of opening units can be constructed with customary fittings as side-hung windows, tilt-and turn windows, French casement windows, PSK windows, folding windows etc.

Sliding Doors AT 750 HS

Highly heat-insulated lift-and-slide door with a surrounding frame profile, as a variant with a mono-track and a double track frame profile.