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What is metagreen?

metagreen is the ALUMERO Group's concept for sustainability.

Contribution to the achievement of climate goals
Protection of the fundaments of life
We accept responsibility for the generations to come

Ecological, economical and social

Commercial growth potential, ecological aspects and social justice are the 3 dimensions of sustainability and integral parts of metagreen.


metagreen at a glance

ALUMERO accepts its responsibility and obligation towards guaranteeing sustainable action for the protection of our natural habitat, in particular for generations to follow. Our metagreen sustainability concept makes very concrete provisions. For our benefit, and for the good of the environment.


Innovative products such as the ALUMERO carport, the solarfold mobile solar container and our special constructions for cycle paths and footpaths, are setting new standards in the responsible use of renewable energy sources. ALUMERO's experts are constantly developing and building in the pursuit of concrete solutions to the challenges faced today and in the future.


Our new centre of expertise / concept store opens mid 2022 and will be there to train employees and specialists, and ensure awareness for metagreen is consolidated and becomes a part of everyday activities.


metagreen is actively implemented in our factories: LED lighting in the entire production area, electric vehicles and the installation of PV systems. We have a clear vision for the future, involving complete power autonomy for all manufacturing plants and the efficient and stringent implementation of metagreen milestones.


We back start-ups and actively support businesses that encourage and implement our vision of environmental sustainability. Sunify is a digital photovoltaic platform and this is just one example of an innovative company in the renewable energies sector.


The ALUMERO Group's 'Code of Conduct' guarantees all employees pull in the same direction. In line with the corporate slogan 'makes us stronger' we support the metagreen community and the shared goal of harmonising ecological, economic and social goals with our natural environment at its heart.


We recycle waste aluminium to produce new aluminium. On average it contains 80% recycled material, so our metagreen alloys guarantee the lowest levels of CO₂ emissions - without compromising on quality.


To guarantee the success of our ambitious plans for the future, we're aiming high and intend to be role models for others. We are defining clear steps along the way to our metagreen milestones and working ceaselessly on the development of a concept for sustainable practices.

30% of all aluminium demand to be covered by recycled aluminium.
20% of the entire electricity used by the Group to be self-generated.
Start changeover to e-mobility and install e-charging stations.

Alumero metagreen products made available at special rates for private users.


60% of all aluminium demand to be covered by recycled aluminium.
50% of the entire electricity used by the Group to be self-generated.
70% e-mobility.

Moreover, future investment in electric devices must take their energy class into account.


80% of all aluminium demand to be covered by recycled aluminium.
100% of the entire electricity used by the Group to be self-generated.
100% e-mobility.

Employee awareness of climate protection issues is further encouraged.

metagreen solutions

We have already implemented a wide variety of products, projects and solutions, and are working to expand this list constantly.

Sekundary aluminium

Secondary aluminium

Compared with primary metals, using recycled aluminium can lower energy consumption in production by up to 95%, and CO₂ emissions by up to 80%.



Sunify is a platform creating a photovoltaic network economy that brings together producers, system providers, service providers, real estate owners, solar power specialists, electricians, investors, insurance companies, banks, contractors, EPCs, lobbies and information.

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ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport

Parking space does not have to remain wasted space. With the ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport, you benefit from areas that would otherwise only incur costs in a way that is environmentally conscious.

solarfold – mobile solar container

The innovative and mobile solar container contains 200 PV modules with a maximum nominal power rating of 134kWp, and can be extended with suitable energy storage systems. The lightweight, ecologically-friendly aluminium rail system guarantees a mobile solution with rapid availability. 



ALUMERO makes e-mobility available to everyone in the region with the e-car sharing ALUMERO & Friends model.

Recognise metagreen

Our sustainable metagreen products can be recognised via the presence of the metagreen seal.


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