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Fences and Gates

ALUMERO fences last a lifetime. We make very high demands on the quality of our products and we realize them carefully both in form and function. Our fence systems convince not only by their simple and modern design, by the wide variety of models but also by our customized solutions. Thus everyone will find the fence fitting his/her purpose. 

Besides its decorative purposes an aluminium fence shelters us from prying eyes. The ALUMERO fence system is therefore suited not only for fencing private houses but also for the protection of industrial buildings, schools, kindergartens and other properties.


You can select fillings in various profiles and metal sheets


Door elements are available in the same design

Welding Technology

Completely welded elements, no connecting solutions


We manufacture not only our systems but also systems upon customer request

Powder coating

Our elements are powder-coated en bloc


High quality demands


Quick and easy assembly


Beautiful, aesthetic design

Model selection

You can choose between 10 different model types which can be tailored to your need in diverse dimensions and colours. Various fence caps and post caps, curved (convex) or hollow (concave), inclined special fencing forms or such with a narrower lath (picket) spacing complete our offer. Further special types are available upon customer request.


Picket fence with diverse caps


Palisade fence with diverse caps


Picket and palisade fence with diverse caps


Bar grate fence


Bar grate fence with ornament


Crossbar fence


Crossbar fence with frame


Perforate blate fence with frame


Perforate blate fence


Bar grate fence and perforate plate fence

Swing doors

In addition to each type of fence we offer the fitting swing doors (single or double leaf) and self-supporting sliding doors.

one leaf swing door

Crossbar fence Ravena

double leaf swing door

Crossbar fence Ravena

self-supporting sliding door

Crossbar fence Ravena

[Translate to EN:] Zäune und Tore
[Translate to EN:] Zäune und Tore
[Translate to EN:] Zäune und Tore

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