PV mounting systems

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ALUMERO.PRO.TOOL is software that facilitates the simple analysis and rapid planning for our PV mounting systems. Once the requirements of a project have all been recorded, a module plan is produced. Shade is simulated and an editable CAD construction drawing is generated with a material list and a project report. The results are based on the selected ALUMERO mounting system, the concomitant static calculations and the relevant integrated calculation norms. 
ALUMERO.PRO.TOOL makes planning and statics calculation for substructures childsplay.

Project planning in 8 steps

With our software, the planning and static calculation of the mounting construction become a breeze for you. The results are based on the ALUMERO mounting system which have you chosen and on the therewith connected static calculations according the EN norms.


Google Maps is used to analyse project sites very precisely.


Once roof data have been entered, expected wind and snow loads are calculated automatically.


Using Google Maps it is possible to realistically render and visualise a variety of roofs quickly and easily.


PV modules can be selected from a wide range of manufacturers.



Ideal mounting and installation systems are available to suit a full range of roof shapes and coverings.


The intended roof surfaces can be exported as DWG files.


The static tolerances of all mounting and installation systems are calculated according to EU norms.


Finally, a list of materials provides a clear overview of all components.


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