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Laminate Clamps

Our unique laminate clamps CLICK and SECURITAS are superior-quality extruded wrought aluminium alloy clamps with a built-in contact seal. The elastic seal made of UV-resistant elastomers is responsible for optimised and suitably powerful clamping. Our clamps can be mounted quickly and easily, function excellently and offer other benefits. Their versatility allows them to be adapted to the specific requirements of each customer, while offering top quality and short delivery times.



Designs are customised


Of high quality

Consistant top quality warranted



Short delivery times

Laminate Clamp Click

  • Convenient clip system

  • Delivered fully assembled

  • E6/C35 anodised finish on demand

  • Deliveries at short notice

Laminate Clamp Securitas

  • Single piece for easy mounting
  • Excellent functional reliability
  • Guarantees an excellent fit

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