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Ground-mount systems

As the price of solar modules falls, land prices, mounting systems and labour costs account for a larger percentage of overall solar panel system expenditure. This has resulted in increasingly dense building, and to minimise loss of light caused by shade the modules are commonly set up in horizontal rows. Larger constructions with 4 to 6 module rows reduce the frame costs per module. The GMS MAX mounting system was developed with this in mind. Horizontal and vertical frames along two rows of posts guarantee the necessary flexibility and exploitation of space. The system complies with the highest industrial standards, has been tested in a wind tunnel, and is calculated and statically optimised for each project with our ALUMERO.PRO.TOOL software.



Optional choice of the module table



Quick and simple assembly



Long service life due to high-end components

Ground-mount GMS MAX

  • Tested in a wind tunnel

  • Module clamps including earthing pins

  • Rapid delivery times

  • Suitable for all ground conditions

  • Includes static layout

  • Long-term protection from corrosion

  • Maximum use of space

  • Complete recyclability

  • High resale value

Ground-mount 2.2

  • Several options for making optimum adjustments to compensate for unevenness in terrain

  • Effective use of materials

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Limited number of individual components

  • Project-related planning and statics

  • No sealing of soil surfaces

  • Superior-quality components guarantee excellent longevity

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Ground, soil and fields can be easily cultivated

  • Complete recyclability

  • High resale value

Ground-mount AC

  • No ground ramming required

  • Minimal penetration depth of ground anchors

  • Fastest of all ground mounted installations

  • Patented system

  • Project-related planning and statics

  • TÜV-certified according to UL 2703

  • Tested in a wind tunnel

  • Module clamps with earthing pins

  • Very low transport costs

  • 1 MW per HGV or 40-ft container

Aerocompact G

A new freestanding system with an inclination of  15 and 20 degrees facing south.

Aerocompact G+

A freestanding system facing east/west with an inclination of 10 degrees and a ground clearance of 40 cm.


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