Sheet Metal Working

Precise, fully automated punching and forming on our CNC controlled sheet metal processing centres in combination with modern press brakes, a swivel bending machine as well as laser and nibbling centres ensure high-quality sheet metal working. Bending and deburring machines round off our range the manufacturing facilities.


Edging / Bending

+ Aluminium up to 4000 mm sheet length
+ Aluminium up to 10 mm plate thickness
+ Maximum bending force up to 220 tons


Laser machining

+ Traversing range 4000 x 2000 mm
+ Aluminium up to 10 mm plate thickness
+ Stainless steel up to 12 mm plate thickness
+ Steel up to 20 mm plate thickness


Punching / Nibbling

+ Traversing range 2500 x 1525 mm
+ Aluminium up to 4,5 mm sheet thickness
+ Maximum punching force up to 300 kN


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