ALUMERO is a specialist for tailor-made aluminium solutions. We convince as a manufacturer of high-quality aluminium extrusion profiles and aluminum assemblies with mechanical processing, as well as a system provider in the business areas solar and photovoltaic, furniture and kitchen industry, metal and facade engineering, noise protection, fencing, balcony, winter garden, dooring and many more. We create long-term solutions based on innovative ideas. We apply our comprehensive knowledge of products and production methods to all aspects of design and development.


ALUMERO established by Manfred Rosenstatter


New facility built in Seeham


Acquisition of AMC in Chorzów, Poland


Acquisition of AFE in Helmond, Netherlands


Expansion of AMC in Chorzów, Poland


Acquisition of LEAN Extrusions in Singen, Germany


New headquarters built in Seeham, Austria


Acquisition of ALMONT in Sl. Bistrica, Slovenia and reestablishment as ALUMERO d.o.o.


Joint venture factory LEAN Extrusions established with HAI Aluminium


Acquisition of MVL Oberflächentechnik in Marktredwitz, Germany and reestablishment as ALUMERO Surface Technology


Sale of LEAN Extrusions joint venture factory


Sale of ALUMERO Surface Technology


€4 million invested in the expansion of subsidiaries in Poland and Slovenia


 Expansion of the centre of excellence in Poland


Award - first prize ALC


Look ahead: 30 Years of Alumero


We have an optimistic view of the future

Life Cycle Assessment

Sustainability is one
of our key values.

About 8 % of the earth crust is made up of different types of aluminium compounds. Thus aluminium is an almost infinitely available resource. Its features make it indispensable for the world of today.

Aluminium is enormously sturdy and at the same time lightweight, it is corrosion-resistant and can be produced in any shape, it is non-toxic, it is combineable with other substances and almost endlessly recyclable. Aluminium can be recirculated again and again without any loss of quality. The energy required for recycling it is only 5 % of the initial energy expenditure of producing primary aluminium. The amount of remelted aluminium is between 35 % of the annual demand – with a clear upwards tendency.

Prepare for the future and build with aluminium.


Efficient planning, a constant level of top-tier quality and reliable delivery times.

Seeham, AT
Chorzów, PL
Helmond, NL
Sl. Bistrica, SL


makes us proud

[Translate to EN:] Laminatklemmen

ALUMERO Laminate Clamps

The reliable clamping system for frameless glass-to-glass modules.

[Translate to EN:] PV-Montagesystem AS2.1 - Trapez

PV mounting system AS2.1 - Trapezoidal sheet

AS2.1 - Trapezoidal sheet

[Translate to EN:] PV-Montagesystem GMS-MAX

PV mounting system GMS-MAX

Year: 2019
Overall output: Approx. 10 MWp

[Translate to EN:] ALUMERO AS2.1 - Stockschrauben 2.1

ALUMERO AS2.1 - Hanger bolts 2.1

Year: 2020
Quick and easy connection via pre-assembled fast-mounting adapter

[Translate to EN:] OEM / InDach-System

OEM / Roof-mounted system of an ALUMERO customer

Year: 2020
Project: OEM / ALUMERO customer's roof-mounted system

[Translate to EN:] PV-Montagesystem

PV mounting system GMS-MAX


[Translate to EN:] Helmut List Halle, PV-Fassadenanlage

Helmut List Hall, PV facade system

Venue: Graz, Austria
Year: 2019
Project: Photovoltaic facade system - Helmut List Hall, Graz
Mounting system: Alumero AS2.1, laminate clamps for frameless PV modules
Scope of contract: Technical and static planning, production and mechanical processing of the entire mounting system

[Translate to EN:] Fassadensystem

Borg Guntramsdorf, facade system

Venue: Guntramsdorf, Austria
Year: 2017
Profile system: Aluminium & glass facade
Scope of contract: Manufacture and installation
Contract volume: €1.2 million

[Translate to EN:] Palfinger AG, Fenster- und Türenelemente

Palfinger AG, window and door elements

Venue: Bergheim, Salzburg, Austria
Year: 2015
System: Window and door elements
Scope of contract: Manufacture, assembly and installation
Contract volume: €1 million

[Translate to EN:] Erber AG, Fassadensysteme

Erber AG, facade systems

Venue: Getztersdorf, Austria
Year: 2015
Profile system: Aluminium & glass facade
Scope of contract: Manufacture, assembly and installation
Contract volume: €1 million


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