The ideal PV solution for car park roofing

ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport

Parking space doesn't have to be wasted. With the ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport, you can benefit from areas that would otherwise only incur costs. Our modular system offers the perfect solution for every parking space.

Low-effort assembly
Low-risk payback
Helps you to achieve self-sufficiency
Long lifetime thanks to aluminium construction
Integrated advertising space
Internal cable routing and drainage
Modular construction fits anywhere
Versatile accessories and expansion options

Integrated system technology

Not only easy to assemble, but also simply clever. The tested statics, but above all the very versatile aluminum profile system made of sustainable metagreen alloy characterize the ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport and make it a unique product on the market.


  • Tested statics, protected design

  • Minimalist design blends in almost anywhere

  • Numerous installation options for additional equipment and accessories, thanks to sophisticated profile technology

  • Integrated drainage through the carport's pillars

  • Integrated electronics and electrical routing, thanks to clever aluminum profile engineering

  • Very durable and low maintenance thanks to strong aluminum construction

  • Reliable and proven PV integration thanks to ALUMERO system technology

  • Our metagreen alloy significantly reduces the CO2 footprint & energy requirements of production

  • Simple installation without major additional costs for foundations or earthworks

  • Allows the upgrade of existing parking areas without major modifications



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