Secondary aluminium

Recycling produces sustainable secondary aluminium.

Perfect choice as a sustainable working material
Up to 95% less energy required in production
Excellent quality

Sustain AL

Most of the aluminium industry's emissions are generated in the production of primary aluminium. Raising the amount of recycled aluminium used helps to reduce the entire sector's CO2 footprint significantly.


In contrast to primary metals, SustainAL enables us to reduce energy consumption by up to 95% and CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

Areas of use


Perfectly suited to the installation of PV systems, particularly framework and clamping technologies.


By using recycled aluminum, the CO2 footprint of the entire product can be significantly reduced. For decorative use, in the electrical industry, in plant construction and many others.


Ideal for the erection of aluminium facades to reduce the overall CO2 footprint in building construction.


For all components and part sets for the automotive industry and rail-mounted vehicles.

Sustainable aluminium


Our partner for Sustain AL is certified according to the provisions of the following norms:

ISO 14001
ISO 45001
IATF 16949