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Flat roof AC 2.1

On top of the usual simplicity and reliability, this latest version is mounted with a larger gap to the roofing to allow optimum water drainage, compensate roof unevenness and simplify cable management. Additional ballast trays are compatible with the entire range of systems. Where high winds are an issue, extra ballast can be added, and the burden on all points of contact to the roof surface is distributed evenly. The row distancing remains optimised for an 18° shade angle, and now there's another version optimised for 25° insolation. Furthermore, structure-protective polyester fleece mats with a special adhesive layer provide additional grip and guarantee material compatibility on a whole range of roof foils.

Quick and easy installation 1 kWp in 5 min. with 2 men
More distance to the roofing
Inter-row spacing für 18° and 25° sun angle
Optimal water drain
New ballast tray for all systems



Simple installation



Wind tunnel tested and statically verified



Ultimate protection by surface treatment

Flat roof AC 2.1 S

Aerodynamic South system to fasten framed modules on flat roofs.

Flat roof AC 2.1 +

Aerodynamic East-West system for flat roofs with a sensational price-advantage of circa 30%.


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