Components for housing systems

Frame profiles for electrical cabinets

Aluminium is the optimal material of the future for electronic housings of any kind. Aluminium offers an excellent shielding against electro-magnetic interference fields. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity waste heat of electronic parts can be optimally dissipated. Furthermore their execution as extruded profiles enables the integration of cooling fins in a component. At the same time this secures an efficient mounting process.

Camera body
Control system casing

On request, entire systems can be pre-assembled

It has long been common practice in the automotive industry for suppliers to deliver completely pre-assembled modules to an automobile factory production line. This trend has been clearly identified in other industries, too. We are suppliers of turnkey solutions assembled to the degree you require, in turn enabling you to focus on your core field of expertise and profit generation activity. If required, we can assemble systems using parts made in our own plants, and using third-party components procured from the manufacturer of your choice.


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